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Latest Releases And Reviews
Music AutOmatiKs insightful Message from Mars
Music AutOmatiK is Paris based soundster Fabien G. Brillant. Signed to the ever melodic Ominim records, his debut album 'Message from Mars' could be described as IDM but there's a lot more going on here. It's laded with strings and samples and offers a cohesive and unique experience. Fabien kindly agreed to do an interview to give us a bigger picture as to where he's coming from...
Albums of the month
CBL affirm that space is the place chris on August 04 2011
CBL affirm that space is the place
Carbon Based Lifeforms have just released their new album 'Twentythree' on the consistently excellent Ultimae records. 'Twentythree' sees Daniel and Johannes change tack. Gone are the beats but what you're left with is ambient music that'll take you on a trip. Are you sitting comfortably? Okay, just sit back and let the music wash over you....
Latest Releases And Reviews
Shipwrec - a record label looking to the future
Shipwrec is a relatively new record label from The Netherlands. Looking at the artists on offer, it's clear that their focus is on quality. Releasing on Vinyl and Digital Download, the label started in October 2010 and already has some real talent under their wing. Some names you might be familiar with include Funckarma, Applescal, Alec Empire, T.Raumschmiere....
EMG News
New EMG Blog - Subscribe to discover great sounds
We've just started a Blog for EMG. Our plan....to talk about a different artist/topic every day. That way we hope you will visit on a regular basis. So be sure to Subscribe and you won't miss out on all our music discoveries and discussions. The blog is also another vessel to promote music producers from around the world. Spread the word... after all, it's all about the music...
Albums of the month
Big Bud shows us how it is done with Kool Beans
Drum and bass has been stagnant territory for so many listeners over the years with the same sounds being regurgitated over and over again. Not so with Big Bud. A producer who's been at the top of his game since his amazing debut album 'Infinity + Infinity' on Good Looking Records back in 1999. Very much pigeon-holed as intelligent drum and bass, his sound has branched out....